February 22, 2019 by diana

Cholesterol & Heart diseases

Claude Diolosa speaks in English with translation into Polish.

This is a brief introduction in the history of cholesterol and how TCM understands the nature and function of cholesterol and the treatment of heart diseases.

PEACEFUL GENERAL consists of the most effective herbs for the treatment of deposits in the arteries and protects against atherosclerosis and brain strokes. This herbal remedy harmonises Shao Yang (wood) and Yang Ming (earth), lowers the gall bladder Qi and stimulates its function, prevents food stagnation, promotes the digestion of carbohydrates, fat and animal proteins, eliminates damp heat, prevents phlegm (Tan) deposition and blood stasis in the blood vessels (atherosclerosis), protects the brain ( brain stroke) and the heart (coronary heart diseases) . This precious herbal remedy should be taken before each meal or in the early morning.

PEACEFUL GENERAL should be taken at least for 9 to 12 months continuously and can be combined with LION´S HEART in case of heart diseases, QUICK BELLY MOVEMENT and DIGEST TEA to promote the digestion of carbohydrates and animal proteins, CLEANSING DAYS to promote the elimination of damp heat and BREAKING THROUGH in case of thrombosis. This formula cannot be used for the treatment of high cholesterol in yang deficiency or cold constitution.
The patient should refrain from fried and greasy food but especially pork, sausage, ham and generally the combination of low-quality animal proteins and salt.

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