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Avicenna News EN – Covid-19: Recommendations from a TCM perspective

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Covid-19 infection

The medication FREEDOM has been very successful so far and many patients have recovered quickly from their infection. Some of them were even severely infected and were already in intensive care. It is important to take the preparation early and in some cases even use the herbal decoction. 

I recommend taking 3 x 10 TBL a day if the Covid test is positive and 3 x 150ml of the FREEDOM decoction together with the tablets if the disease breaks out. This intensive therapy should be given for 10 to 15 days. In addition, western examinations should be carried out to determine whether the oxygen saturation is sufficient, whether the infection has passed and very importantly, whether the lungs are clear again. As long as the result is not 100%, the therapy should be prolonged. In addition, 3 x 4 to 6 TBL BREAKING THROUGH after meals ensure the free circulation of Qi and Blood between the heart, lungs and brain. The therapy may be supplemented with other constitutional prescriptions. 

Post-Covid Time

The post-covid period is also very important. Many patients complain of great exhaustion, neurological complaints and also cognitive disorders. The therapy should be prolonged with 3 x 4 TBL FREEDOM and BREAKING THROUGH a day for another 30 days. The TCM therapist should decide whether the patient should take anything else in addition. Caution is advised with YIN reinforcing  and laxative formulas. Food stagnation should be prevented and further the circulation of QI and BLOOD should be stimulated. The patient may take LUMINOUS SHIELD as this preparation reinforces the WEI QI, the immune system. 

FREEDOM consists partly of aromatic herbs and should not be taken with cardamom tea in cases of Stomach Yin deficiency. Liquorice tea can be used instead.  


The question regarding vaccination has been raised several times and in particular it has been asked whether HEALTH CARE can be taken as a prophylaxis to prevent the vaccine from entering the XUE and YING FEN and causing neurological, cognitive as well as dermatological symptoms.
Since this vaccine has a genetic component, it is very difficult to assess the long-term consequences. With classical vaccines, the effects of the attenuated pathogen and its side effects are easier to understand. 

A classical vaccine penetrates directly into the XUE FEN (Blood Layer – Jue Yin). It is to be feared that this newly developed vaccine attacks the genetic material, the JING (the YIN in YIN) and subsequently triggers neurological complaints, autoimmune diseases and even ZHONG LIU. The first wave of vaccinations has already been launched and we will see the first consequences of this in the foreseeable future, especially in very weakened organisms such as the elderly. The side effects do not always show up immediately, but very often 90, 180 or 270 days later. 

Mandatory vaccination and Diamond S.H.I.E.L.D.

Certain profession will be confronted with compulsory vaccination. This is why DIAMOND S.H.I.E.L.D. was developed and this new preparation will achieve its goal together with constitutional formulations. 

The composition of DIAMOND S.H.I.E.L.D prevents the vaccine from causing side effects and damaging the genetic material. Like FREEDOM throughout history, this preparation will show its effectiveness in the coming months and will attenuate the long-term side effects. 

DIAMOND S.H.I.E.L.D should be taken 3 days before and 7 days after vaccination. A longer intake is not recommended, unless the patient shows neurological symptoms immediately after the vaccination. But even in this case, the therapy should be supplemented immediately with other herbal prescriptions and acupuncture. It is also recommended to take this preparation for 3 days: after 90 days (from day 87 on), another time after 180 days (from day 177 on) and also after 270 days (from day 267 on).

These three 90-day cycles are part of the therapy, as the side effects can manifest themselves exactly during this period and even later. 

Localization and the danger of the acupuncture point Large Intestine -15 肩髃 jiān yú

Another and very important warning: the vaccine should never be injected at the point of Large Intestine-15 肩髃 jiān yú. Large Intestine-15 肩髃 jiān yú is the crossing point of the YANG QIAO MAI and also the distal point of the brain. Please be extremely careful not to or let inject the vaccine at either Large Intestine-15 肩髃 jiān yú or  Large Intestine-14 臂臑 bì nào, as there is a high risk of neurological side effects. These two points are “one way to heaven“ (brain). Also, please do not have any medicines or vaccinations injected at the Gallbladder-30 環跳 huán tiào point, as the risk of neurological late effects is also very high here. 

It is always important to note that the patient should not be given the vaccine in a Yin Deficiency and Empty Heat phase with Blood Heat, especially children and the elderly. Patients with Yang Ming, Shao Yang and Tai Yang Heat and Phlegm Heat should also be very careful and seek treatment from an experienced TCM therapist beforehand. As the vaccine attacks the Kidney JING and therefore certainly the genetic material, it is advisable to stabilize the Kidney Qi, Yang, Yin and especially the JING beforehand. We have many precious preparations for the kidneys, but I would always reinforce the Kidney Yang (Yang Root – Rinchen tea) in the morning and the Kidney Yin (Yin Root – San Bao tea) in the afternoon.  

Clinical experience has shown that patients with Yin deficiency, Empty Heat, Blood Heat and Yang Ming/Shao Yang Heat/Phlegm Heat quickly show neurological (WEI syndrome = multiple sclerosis) and dermatological (neurodermatitis) reactions to vaccines. It is therefore advisable to treat these energetic imbalances before vaccination. 

DIAMOND S.H.I.E.L.D is energetically cooling and should therefore not be taken for more than 10 days. YANG deficient constitutions should eat and drink warm to compensate and additionally take some RINCHEN TEA in the morning to protect the YANG. It is recommended to take SEA OF QI in case of Qi deficiency and low blood pressure.

Difference between HEALTH CARE and DIAMOND S.H.I.E.L.D.

HEALTH CARE is suitable for conventional vaccinations, whereas DIAMOND S.H.I.E.L.D was designed for the new vaccination and even the hepatitis B vaccination. 

Clinical results 

The  recommendations with FREEDOM, REMOVING THE CLOUDS and BRIGHT SUMMERTIME have been very successful so far and we can be thankful for the skillful remedies of TCM. As all these preparations transform Dampness, in cases of Stomach and Large Intestine Yin deficiency with Empty Heat and chronic dry constipation, it is advisable to take the preparations with liquorice tea or marshmallow root tea instead of cardamom tea or other aromatic herbal teas. Experienced TCM therapists know how to balance prescriptions.

May these explanations help to control both the infectious disease and the expected side effects of the vaccine.

A big THANKS to the „Bozner Apotheke“ in Innsbruck!

Pace e bene from Assisi,
Claude & Diana

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