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Avicenna News EN – Morbus Alzheimer

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Morbus Alzheimer

Morbus Alzheimer has won the award of being, beside cancer the number 2 most popular sickness in the world despite the billon of dollars invested for research with 7,7 million new cases every year in the world. The collective term dementia describes chronic brain diseases that coincide with a gradual decline of cognitive, emotional and social capabilities. In particular, dementia patients suffer from disorders of short-term memory and a concomitant increased forgetfulness, which may increase in the further course of the disease until the loss of language and arithmetic skills: the result is a need for care. The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease, which accounts for around 65 percent of dementia cases worldwide. In most cases, dementia does not occur until the age of 60, with women having a significantly higher risk of contracting Alzheimer’s. According to estimates by Alzheimer’s Disease International, 46.8 million people worldwide are affected by dementia – and every year around 7.7 million new cases are added.

The reason remains unknown, despite the billon of dollars invested for  research. This nervous system degeneration increase steadily and continuously among the ageing population (after 65) and according to my personal observation will soon affect the young generation too. Morbus Alzheimer is one of the most financially costly diseases after cancer.  

TCM Interpretation 

Morbus Alzheimer is according to TCM: Traditional Chinese Medicine a dysfunction of 

Shao Yin – Heart and Kidneys associated with an accumulation of toxins, stagnant thick phlegm and blood stasis in the brain. All the channels penetrate the brain, but three of them seems to be very important for the understanding of neurological dysfunction: Tai Yang – Bladder and Small Intestine, Shao Yang – Gallbladder and San Chiao (most important) and Yang Ming – Stomach and Large Intestine ( also important). If you study the acupuncture points of those channels, you will discover that many of them can be used for cerebral dysfunction, epilepsy, parkinson, brain stroke, amnesia, depression, neurosis and psychosis. 

From the significant channels which penetrate and nourishes the brain, the eight extraordinary meridians (Qi Jing Ba Mai)  have substantial responsibility for mental stability, particularly the Chong Mai, Du Mai and the Yin and Yang Qiao Mai. In simple words, we could say, that this terrible sickness is a compilation of a deficiency of Heart and Kidneys and a stagnation of toxins, thick phlegm, hardenings (Tan) and blood stasis using the pathway of the channels to penetrate the brain. To nourish the brain will never be enough, the circulation of Qi and Blood has to be improved as well as the elimination of toxins, thick phlegm and blood stasis too. The treatment should be a combination of qigong, herbal decoctions and acupuncture. 

To preserve the cognitive, emotional and social capacity of the patient, a thorough treatment should be applied.  Scalp acupuncture, ghost points from Sun Su Miao (581; † 682) and classical acupuncture according to the Huang Di Nei Jing (ca. 206 v. Chr. bis 220 n. Chr.) and of course Zi Wu Li Zhu – Chrono-Acupuncture should be used alternatively to achieve a proper result. If you combine all these systems diligently (3 to 5 times a week) with herbal decoctions, the sickness can be stopped, and the cognitive, emotional and social capacity of the patient will be preserved. The secret of success is a precise differential diagnosis and a thorough treatment. Food supplements or gingko leaves tablets are not enough and might even intoxicate and freeze the precious yang qi of the kidneys. The diet of the patient has to be changed and JING nourishing food like seeds of plants, walnuts, sesame, lycii fructus – gou qi zi, should be added to the diet.  

The kidneys preserve the precious prenatal and postnatal essence of the body: what we call JING. A degeneration or dysfunction of the JING (kidney essence) will influence the Central Nervous System. According to the physiology of the internal organs,  the kidneys control the bones, the marrow and the brain. A qualitative and quantitative dysfunction of the Body Essence – JING, will have an effect on the Central Nervous System and the cognitive capacity of the patient. Heavy metals and additives, irradiate food, deep-frozen food and microwave (very toxic) will create dysfunction of the postnatal source of the JING. Did you never observed a cognitive dysfunction of your parents or grandparents after few months in a retirement home ? or a malfunction of the immune system of your child in kindergarten ?. Did you never noticed the weakness of your beloved and potential threat for dangerous sicknesses in hospitals ?. What is the underlying cause behind all these pathologies ?…. nothing but food and also the unhealthy environment. 

The quality does not equal the quantity of the nutrient (JING) that you absorbed. We know in TCM: Traditional Chinese Medicine,  the difference between right YIN and false YIN.  You can buy a cheap candle made of paraffin and another one, made of beeswax. The same with the human JING, some constitution is like paraffin and others like good smelling and dense beeswax. The same with the vegetables, salad, meat or fishes. The JING is distinguishable because of its Shape, Light, Smell and Density. A healthy newborn baby, is Shining (reflecting the light), has a mystical smell and if the kidneys are healthy, the bone density will be significant, and the hairs, eyebrows and eyelashes will be dark and long and he will get later strong and beautiful teeth. An apple from the food store is shining because of the wax, has no smell and rotten inside after few days but still look good from outside….

The second reason for this sickness is vaccination and especially against flu. Did you noticed that this sickness grows hand in hand with the vast immunisation proposed to older adults against influenza ?. I explain in 3 newsletters the energetic effect of vaccination according to the theory of Ye Tianshi (1667–1747) and i proposed a short description of the heavy metals too and many websites and articles about the subject. This aspect should be listed first, after the genetic manipulated food, but will never be accepted from the barking dogs of the pharmaceutical lobby unless they themselves get sick and look for an alternative treatment. 

There was some suggestion made in Internet about FUNGUS has one of the possible reason for Morbus Alzheimer or dementia. I made this suggestion long ago, in an article about cancer. I would apply the same idea for dementia too. Fungus is the consequence of spoiled food, refined carbohydrates, sugar and even aspartame. I already mentioned the relation between FUNGUS and cancer diseases. The pathway to the brain is somehow tricky and difficult for herbal treatment to target but not for animal products like a scorpion, cicada, worm or resins like : olibanum, myrrh, liquidambaris. The digestive channels like large intestine and stomach (which penetrates the brain), could be the pathway which allowed phlegm and fungus to spread ?. This is another possibility which converge together with Zhong Liu (cancer) theory. What is dandruff, nothing but a fungus, it comes from the Yang Ming – Stomach and Large Intestine and also from the Jue Yin – Liver and Pericard = Blood layer. 

Dementia and cancer seem to have a certain similarity, which is the absence of cohesion  (earth) between the zang-fu (internal organs), what we could also describe as a disharmony or a lack of gravitation. The yang aspect of cancer is schizophrenia which is the root of all cognitive dysfunction, and the yin or substantial aspect is cancer as we know it. 

This is the disequilibrium of the centre ( spleen and stomach), which let sicknesses like schizophrenia, dementia, morbus Alzheimer and cancer appear. Even tho the pathology seems to be different( psychiatry and oncology),  the root is the same for both. Dysfunction of the Tai Yin – Spleen and Lungs and Yang Ming – Stomach and Large Intestine is somehow the root of human tragedy.

There is something wrong with our identity (earth) and the perception of what we believe to be. Kleptomania and schizophrenia will be the ground for the unhealthy behaviour with body, speech and mind. This is the path of mental and physical sicknesses. 

Hope this text gave you some inspiration for your work. 

best wishes,

Diolosa Line Products:
DRAGON BRAIN is either used for the prophylactic or acute treatment of Morbus Alzheimer. This herbal remedy reaches the brain, promotes the blood circulation, protect against TAN and Blood Stasis and nourishes the Essence (Jing) and the marrow.
The dosage should be 3 x 3 tablets a day for 12 months. The TCM doctor has to decide how long this prescription should be given. According to clinical experiences, the treatment should last at least for 12 months or even longer.
This herbal remedy improves the memory and mindfulness and can be used as a prophylactic medicine to protect the brain against brain stroke (Zhong Feng). This herbal remedy can be combined with: Mindfulness in case of insomnia, Bright Future to treat depression, Happy Days in case of slight depression and stagnation of qi, Yin Root and San Bao Tea to nourish the essence, Yang Root combined with Rinchen Tea to nourish the essence and the warm the yang and either Deep Sleep or Peaceful Nights to improve the sleep.
The patient should refrain from sweeteners like aspartame, deep-frozen food, microwave food, coca cola, sprite, deep fried and greasy food and all type of junk food.

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