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Menla News EN – Jesus and John the Baptist

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Jesus and John the Baptist

Shortly after his birth, Myrrh and Frankincense from the three wise men or Magus who were taken to come from the East (Orient / Persians). This homage to the birth of a child and the Considerable effort did what made in order to place the new-born child, the Messiah, the anointed, reminds me very much of the search for incarnation from Karmapa and other extraordinary incarnations of Bodhisattvas or Tulkus in Tibet. I know how difficult it was, to find the present XVII. Incarnation of the Karmapa and how it complements the place of his birth and his home. I remember all too well about the delegation, that he was welcomed back to his monastery in Tsurphu  and how to be naturally resumed his monster Role on his return. 

Jesus is no ordinary child. His arrival was foretold by many prophets of the Old Testament. The prophets talked about him and described his actions in detail, even his crucifixion. Bodhisattvas are guided by the wishes and prayers for the well-being and the benefit of all sentient beings, but are, above all, especially drawn, by a collective need. Timelessly takes shape again to liberate the beings from the I-imprisonment. Bodhisattvas are capable of action, Buddhas, however are not. Both symbolize different forms of expression of the spirit of God from the Trinity. Buddhas rest within themselves, but manifest their boundless love and their immense compassion through bodhisattvas in innumerable forms. Jesus is the messenger of God, even the beloved Son of God. The infinite light of God condensed and took shape 2,000 years ago, just as heaven (God the Father) and clouds (Holy Spirit) make rain (Jesus) to humidify the earth. As a symbol of supreme purity and humility, Jesus was not born in a palace, but in a stable. He learned a craft, became a Carpenter and his mother was a virgin. The parthenogenesis of God has come to the conclusion of Jesus’ story, but unfortunately, misunderstood by many.

The life of a chosen one is not easy. The best time is certainly up to a certain age during their childhood. Thereafter, the new recognized incarnation is then trained, or the content of the memory consciousness is released. A being like Jesus already knew a 13-year-old child, he was able to teach the Pharisees in the Temple of Jerusalem, but he was not yet mature enough for the job which awaited him. His teacher, John the Baptist, prepared the way for him.

Jesus’ teacher, what without doubt John the Baptist, a Nasirean (from the Hebrew Nasir (נָזִיר), which is ascetic). His Wildman, hippie-type, appearance symbolizes the wacky wisdom of God and although he was neither vegetarian nor even lived on grasshoppers and wild honey, he remained in supreme union with God. He was the forerunner of Jesus, but he came to him and was willing to accept his teaching. Isa Ibn Maryam (Jesus) and Mohammed. The Holy Scripture of Islam, John is the third prophet before Jesus. As such, he is considered in Christianity as a pioneer of the imminent arrival of the Messiah and is associated with Elijah.

Elijah was a biblical prophet who lived in the time of Kings Ahab and Ahaziah in the second quarter of the 9th century BC in the northern kingdom of Israel. His name means “My God is YHWH”.

Christians tend not to mention the relationship between Jesus and John. Jesus as the Son of God can not be read by anyone, he already knows everything, or so the Christians think. But, the body of Jesus, deformed from the light of God but produced by the body of a man, has certain traces of impurity. Each piece is deformed from memory called genetic and cellular memory, and although Mary is an extraordinary woman, her body shows traces of impurity, which she transferred to her glorious child. This impurity manifests itself through Childhood Ailments or other physical, emotional or mental illnesses. The form comes with impurity which prevents the information from previous incarnations from fully unfolding. It is reasonable to understand that although a new-born child has potential, the body will determine its manifestation. A person may well be gifted, but the content may manifest only if the form allows it. Just like an audio CD, the body remains in the middle of the inside and outside. 

The baptism in the river jordan and the blessing of the master prepared the way for Jesus so that his potential could unfold freely without any obstacles. For that reason, Jesus went into the desert after that. The temptations are the expulsion of concepts and dogma from the body of Jesus. They were read or cleansed by the blessing of John, through Fasting, Meditation and Prayer. Otherwise, Jesus would not have had the power to perfect his work. Gospels in the New Testament: Jesus of Nazareth fasts alone in the wilderness and resists the temptations of the devil who haunted him.

“12 Then the Spirit drove Jesus into the wilderness.” 13 Jesus remained there for forty days and what was tempted by Satan. “He lived with the wild beasts and the angels.”
Mark 1:12 f. EU

The wild beasts symbolize the toxic spirits and the angels of the original spirit of God. The temptation of Jesus is based on pride and nothing else. It is not a matter of conquering jealousy or passion, but above all, pride. Pride and vanity are the last temptations before the blossoming / flowering of the Spirit of God, which is the final test for many Masters. The second interpretation of this is the purification of the body, the auto-biography of the physical body completely erased and wiped clean. Jesus, the reason, Jesus could not recognize his mother and other family members later:

 While Jesus Was Still Talking To The Crowd. Behold, your mother and your brothers stand outside and want to talk to you. But he answered and said, “Who is my mother, and who are my brothers?” And then Jesus pointing with great confidence to his true family, his disciples and the people who had gathered around him and trusting his message of the kingdom of God : “Behold, this is my mother, and these are my brethren!” 

The third interpretation deals with the subtle channels of the body. The wild beasts are the dualistic winds responsible for Ignorance, Greed, and Aggression, and the angels who serve him at the end of fasting symbolize the winds of wisdom in the central channel (Jacob’s ladder). The third level is secret and refers to the alchemy of the mind and is unfortunately, never taught. Ultimately, the Old and New Testaments do not describe historical events, but first and foremost, inner transformations.

The teacher prepares the way, but only for the chosen. Not everyone can participate in the meal. As such, the connection between Jesus and John (John the Baptist) is unique. However, this is rarely understood. The misunderstanding stems from the fact that Jesus was labeled the only Son of God and that no one can ever reach his (spiritual) realization. Christians are adept at listening, “Well, it’s all very interesting, BUT Jesus is and remains the only Son of God who sacrificed his life for our sins … and with that, the conversation ends.

Cave, the Virginity, the Shepherds, the Animals, the Stars, the Offerings and the Wisemen. It is interesting to note that the birthday of Jesus Christ was never clear to primitive Christians, and 25 thof December has more to do with solar worship (Sol Invictus) than with Jesus. Christianity has the talent of stealing myths, symbols, festivals, temples and powerful places from other traditions. From this conglomeration and partial contradiction content, religion emerged with all its hybridization that we know. It grows like the farmed tomato from Greece, without soil, but abundantly doused with the fertilizer of ignorance and the influx of fear and guilt. I am always surprised to see how many memberships this society has.

The life-force (mandala), which manifests in his lifetime and especially, after the resurrection. Jesus continues to be an influence on people. Jesus is there for everyone, Christian or not. His mercy radiates a soothing presence that envelops the heart and gives confidence. He does not judge, but paves the way, as John the Baptist did for him, he does the same for us all too.

LIFE means social commitment and, above all, recognizing the fact that the other person is YOU too. Because, there are no words but God, we are waves from the ocean of infinity, images of his face, love of his love …

Light and Blessings from Assisi,

Lorraine Odiari, many thanks! 

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