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A virus is a parasite, it penetrates the cells and reproduces itself in this way. As a pathogen it needs a host; usually a cell. It uses the cell’s metabolism and components to reproduce. The physiological basis and constitution of the patient is therefore important. In TCM terminology, viruses are damp heat toxins (Shi Re Du).

The virus is protected by a layer of protein called a capsid. This protein shell is used to enclose the virus’s genetic material. The fact that viruses penetrate into the deepest layers of the body and thus into Yin as well as their ability to adapt and reproduce makes them almost living organisms. If we look carefully at the nature and behavior of a virus, we will recognize the Water Element, the trigram KAN (I Ching) and also the kidneys, the liver, the blood and HUN.

This classification is a metaphor based on the doctrine of signatures (reading the signs of nature) or the law of similarity, but also on clinical observations. The virus, as well as the KAN trigram, are protected by a capsid, which protects the genetic information. This structure corresponds to the representation and understanding of damp heat toxins as taught by the masters of Wen Bing Xue in the 17th century. This approach may seem a bit like the Lord of the Rings, but the efficiency of the traditional prescriptions of the time confirm the correct diagnosis and treatment.

The difficulty lies in the fact that the virus hides in different places, namely: in the digestive system (Qi Fen), in the source membranes (spaces between the inner and outer part of the body called Mo Yuan – also called the Yin of Shao Yang) and in the blood layer (Xue Fen) which corresponds to the liver and even the kidneys in Chinese energetic physiology.

The treatment of the liver is indispensable for the treatment of viral diseases (herpes zoster – labialis – genitalis). The liver stores the blood (Jue Yin) and corresponds to the blood layer. The classics of Chinese medicine say that the liver, blood and subconsciousness form an inseparable unit. It is necessary to add the kidneys, as in traditional medicine, because they are responsible for genetic heritage, cellular memory, bone marrow and the brain. Chinese Medicine offers us perspectives of diagnosis and treatment that are complementary to modern medicine.

First, the foundation must be strengthened to prevent the pathogen from entering the cells or deep layers of the organism. We call this the strengthening of the immune system, the Wei Yang. The immune system has been described in the great classics of Chinese Medicine (Huang Di Nei Jing). Its holistic description is surprising. Despite its efforts and research, modern medicine is still unable to explain the entire immune system. To date, there is no method to strengthen its function; and the use of orthomolecular medicine, vitamin D or C, will never be able to stimulate the immune system, which originates in the yang of the kidneys, in the digestive system (spleen and stomach) and the lungs, to name just the most important organs and functions. The cooling nature of these vitamins, some of which are petrochemical products, makes them as useful as disinfectants on a wooden leg. This type of treatment also weakens the kidney yang and at the same time promotes the accumulation of dampness in the digestive system.

Recent research has shown that Covid-19 penetrates the blood layer (Xue Fen) and causes thrombosis, bleeding, rashes (Wei Fen) and neurological disorders. Its spread (its energetic movement within the 4 Levels – SI FEN) extends from the Yin (the deep layers of the body – Xue Fen) to the Yang, the superficial layers (Wei Fen = skin). As the virus penetrates the blood layer, the Xue Fen, the ability to bind oxygen decreases. Blood clotting, which is a complex process that leads to the formation of blood clots, is enhanced by the presence of damp heat toxins in the blood, which leads to the formation of thrombosis in many organs. If the heat is proportionately higher, there is a risk of bleeding. Recent studies have shown that some ethnic groups appear to be more prone to bleeding than others. Clinical observations have also shown that breathing difficulties are associated with mucus and pulmonary thrombosis. In severe cases, some wise doctors inject anticoagulants called heparin. 

It is forbidden to use cortisone or ibuprofen because these drugs promote the penetration of the pathogen into the deep layers of the body, the blood layer, the XUE FEN. They cause blood heat due to emptying the yin.

The connection between the digestive system, the Qi Fen, and the blood is well known in Chinese Medicine. It is enough to study the energetic opposition between the stomach and blood (circulation) in order to understand the various dermatological symptoms and the bleeding from internal organs, the gums and the skin.

The complexity of the diagnosis lies in carefully weighing the dampness and toxic heat that make up the virus. The patient’s constitution, age, eating habits, climate and immune system determine the development of the disease.

The Patient’s Constitution

If the patient has a dampness constitution (milk products, sugar, exotic fruits, bananas, fruit juices and vitamin C, cold vegetarians), they feel a heavy, oppressive fatigue and the strong need to sleep without feeling regenerated even after long hours of sleep . They are also prone to digestive-related migraines with vomiting, diarrhea, sticky mouth, bland taste, thirstiness or loss of taste and smell. The loss of taste and smell is a sign of damage to the nervous system (YING FEN), but also an exhaustion of the Tai Yin Qi (lungs and spleen). Great mental fatigue (SHEN) occurs, with disorientation, lethargy, even leading to depression. They will have little or no fever even in the late afternoon, but the patient will experience severe muscle soreness and dyspnoea at the beginning. The breathing difficulties arise because the dampness, which is sticky, viscous and thick and is obstructive in nature, hinders communication between the lungs and kidneys (inhalation). It blocks the dispersing and sinking movement of the Lung Qi. In addition, there is an accumulation of mucus, which slows down or even blocks the internal circulation of Qi and blood within this organ. Very thorough studies have shown the presence of mucus and blood stasis in the alveoli.

If the heat predominates, there is irritation, nervousness, confusion and high fever in the late afternoon along with thirst. Symptoms also include malodorous diarrhea, oliguria and highly concentrated urine. The cough will also be drier and the sore throat (strept throat) will be more pronounced.

Weighing up toxic heat and dampness against each other is an art that requires a lot of clinical knowledge and experience. Dampness and heat are always present in all viral diseases, but in different proportions, depending on the climatic conditions, the constitution of the patient, the age and eating habits. It is this sticky and viscous layer of moisture that protects the virus and hides it in the deep layers of the organism. It is necessary to be a very knowledgeable Chinese Medicine therapist with a lot of clinical experience in order to be able to detect a viral infection with the traditional methods of examination, with pulse and tongue. Modern medicine is much more efficient in this area.

It is now very surprising that the climatological conditions have little influence on the spread and virulence of the virus. We know from Chinese Medicine and modern virology that infections and epidemics are usually seasonal. With Covid-19, we assumed that the humid, warm climate of Wuhan or Chengdu would favor the viral load, but that was not the case. Regardless of the climatic conditions, the virus can even spread to dry, hot countries such as Morocco, Saudi Arabia or Egypt. However, it is clear that the epidemic spreads more slowly in dry regions than in wet-cold or wet-warm regions. In areas where malaria is widespread, in tropical areas that are actually humid and hot, infection with Covid-19 can be better controlled, since malaria medication or Chinese medication based on Qing Hao 青蒿 (Herba Artemisiae Annuae) can be used. The latter has proven to be a remarkable plant for the treatment of malaria.

Other Pathologies – Xue Fen and Ying Fen

Two other pathologies have been observed. The first is neurological and the second dermatological. The connection between a viral infection and the nervous system is well known in both modern medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. With a high viral load, a pathogen can enter the YING FEN (nervous system – corresponds to the heart and brain) via the digestive system (QI FEN) or the blood layer (XUE FEN). The three Yang – Yang Ming, Shao Yang and Tai Yang – have many branches (JING LUO and JING BIE) that penetrate the heart, brain and spinal cord. Let us not forget that the heart, kidneys and brain are seen as an inseparable energetic unit. A heart attack can originate from a stroke and vice versa. The energetic physiology of the internal organs teaches us that the kidneys, liver and blood form an inseparable energetic unit. This allows us to understand that high viral loads can cause cognitive imbalances and encephalitis or meningitis.

The Elderly

Why are elderly people more likely to succumb to the virus? The answer is simple, age is always associated with a natural loss of Yang Qi, the Yang of the kidneys. The fire of physical and cognitive vitality weakens over the years. There are exceptions, of course, but they are rare. It can be said that from the age of 50, the Yang Qi of men weakens faster than that of women. This is one of the main reasons for the high mortality rate among men in retirement homes. Both women and people with blood group 0 appear to be more resistant to the virus.

Let us not forget that the immune system is originally a manifestation of the kidney yang, the kidney fire, the WEI YANG. This natural weakness of Yang Qi in old age diminishes the defenses against the penetration of pathogens and slows down the metabolism (San Jiao) and the digestive system. It also promotes the occurrence of food stagnation, internal moisture, mucus, TAN and blood stasis.

Tan is a very special expression in Chinese Medicine. It is a viscous, sticky, constipating substance that attacks the blood vessels, brain, and meridians. Tan is a bit like cholesterol. It originates mainly from a digestive tract disorder, but can also be the result of an imbalance in the Shao Yang (gall bladder and San Jiao) or a result of empty heat. The triple heater, which like the pericardium is a functional circuit, regulates human metabolism. It controls the rising of the YANG and the descent of the YIN. In fact, this functional group regulates the movement of liquids and heat in the body. A pathogenic agent, a viral infection, but also stagnation of the Qi can slow down the circulation of the San Jiao and promote the development of damp heat. WU JU TONG, Grand Master of the Qing Dynasty, described very well the development of damp-heat diseases in the triple heater, the San Jiao. This functional group is not an organ, but represents the entire human metabolism. It controls the lymphatic system and is activated by the yang of the kidneys, the fire of life, and also by physical exercises such as sports, yoga or Qi Gong.

Cognitive Problems

Cognitive problems that can occur in the elderly are caused by yang mucus (subtle form of tan) and blood stasis, which can rise to the head and thus clog the subtle channels of the heart. If the subtle mucus (tan) and blood stasis combine in the subtle channels of the heart (and therefore the brain), the patient will be depressed, apathetic, feel dejected, be disoriented and unable to concentrate, read or even listen . The tongue is often broad, thick, stiff and the coating is white and sticky. If heat is predominate, the patient is irritated, confused, restless or even aggressive and the tongue is red to dark red, wide, thick, with a yellow coating. Here too, differential diagnosis is crucial in order to select the right treatment strategy. In the case of Covid-19, Shi Chang Pu 石菖蒲 (Rhizoma Acori Graminei) and Turmeric Longa – Yu Jin are often used in combination with other herbs to clear the channels of the heart (brain).

How to Remove Damp Heat from the Blood Layer (Xue Fen)

The proposed strategy is based on the principles of the great masters of the Qing dynasty and also those of more contemporary masters. Heavy and sticky herbs should be avoided, e.g. Sheng Di Huang 地 黄 (Radix Rehmanniae). First of all, it is necessary to refresh the blood with light and also dispersing herbs, such as Chi Shao Yao 赤芍 (Radix Paeoniae Rubra), which is a bitter-cold herb. Da Qing Ye 大青叶 (Folium Isatidis) is primarily anti-toxic and the blood stasis can be resolved with Ze Lan 泽兰 (Herba Lycopi), the effect of which on swelling and stasis is well known in traumatology. The therapeutic goal is to lead the pathogen through Yang Ming (bowel movements), Tai Yang (urine) and also through the skin (sweating). Light, aromatic, anti-toxic and antibiotic herbs such as Jin Yin Hua 金银花 Flos Lonicerae and Lian Qiao 连翘 連翹 (Fructus Forsythiae) are very important in the treatment of infectious diseases.

If we look at the symptoms of Covid-19, we find that the energetic movement of this pathogen follows the principle of the Four Levels – Si Fen, a system established by Ye Tian Shi, the theory of the triple heater – San Jiao (Wu Ju Tong ) and the system of the source membrane – MO YUAN by Wu Kou Ye.

When the virus penetrates through the mucous membranes and the respiratory tract, it is obvious that the skin, the Luo Mai, the TMM, the lungs and the digestive system are affected first by the disease. Some very resistant people can be carriers of the virus without experiencing any immediate symptoms. Pathogenic agents, the viral load, are part of an energetic cycle of 90 days. It can therefore be assumed that certain symptoms will appear in the coming months. I’m talking about relapses, neurological diseases (tremors, convulsions, behavioral disorders), dermatological symptoms (neurodermatitis, psoriasis, herpes) and gastroenterological consequences (colitis), to name just the most important ones.

The 90 Day Law

These symptoms will not appear until 90 days after the wave of infection and will not be associated with Covid-19, as is often the case with side effects after vaccination. A similar relationship has been observed with hepatitis B vaccination and the occurrence of MS flare-ups 90 days after the vaccine injection.

This 90 day law is very important in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It enables us to track and understand the energetic waves of all physiological and psychological disorders as well as the side effects of many treatments.

Malaria Medication

Of all the treatment approaches proposed so far, the malaria drugs are very promising. I take the liberty of supporting the strategy of Prof. Didier Raoult (Marseille), who, despite the pressure from the pharmaceutical industry and the French government, was able to implement a clear and effective therapy procedure from the start. The use of a malaria drug to treat Covid-19 is appropriate because malaria is a disease caused by damp heat toxins. Combined with an antibiotic, this therapeutic approach is very successful. However, I still believe that treatment should include herbal formulas to treat the root of the disease more effectively, especially medications or herbal prescriptions that promote blood circulation and protect against thrombosis, such as heparin.

The Latest Research

The latest research on the virus and above all the understanding that the pathogen penetrates into the XUE FEN (blood layer) prompted me to develop a new herbal formula, the prophylactic properties of which protect the organism and which can push out the pathogen hidden in the blood layer.

New Prophylactic Formula

This new formula is called FREEDOM. This name is no accident. It symbolizes the social situation we are currently in.

The Herbal Formula

The herbal formula used to compose this new formula are: Hou Po Xia Ling Tang, San Ren Tang, Da Yuan Yin, Xi Jiao Di Huang Tang, Tou Zhi Zhuang Qi Tang

Relapse is always possible, the pathogen is not seasonal, it can spread under a wide variety of climatic conditions. Extending the lock-down has become topical in many European countries. It is therefore necessary to continue to be very, very careful. 

The dosage for this new formula is 3x 4 tablets daily, after each meal. FREEDOM can replace taking REMOVING THE CLOUDS. However, LUMINOUS SHIELD should continue to be taken, especially by children, and the dosage should be increased if they need to go to school or kindergarten. It is important to remain vigilant.

The nutritional recommendations remain unchanged. Sugar and all foods that generate internal moisture, such as dairy products, exotic fruits, fruit juices etc. should be avoided. You should brew aromatic herbal teas and always drink warm. I especially recommend crushed cardamom seeds in the form of tea, but also rosemary.

This was a short trip to the land of viruses. As always, the foundation is crucial, you have to know how to protect your organism through good nutrition.

Continue to take your herbs and stay mindful …

All the best and see you soon,
Claude & Diana

FREEDOM, the new herbal formula of the Diolosa Line, can already be found in the Diolosa Line App and also in the online shop. It can also be ordered by email from the pharmacy in Innsbruck:

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